Core Team

Ajith George Mathew (CEO)

A brilliant biomedical engineer, and a highly skilled technician, Ajith George is a post graduate in biomedical engineering and having over 15 years of experience in the sale and service of healthcare equipments specializing in GE and Datex Ohmeda. His motto is ´ Practice what you preach´

Incorporating Biomedical Engineering Company (BEC), in 2003, Ajith is an enthusiastic innovator who leads his company well by being the perfect role model. He motivates all team members to put in their inputs, for successful implementation. Taking BEC to new heights, Ajith ensures that his team is well equipped to deliver and support the hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Renjith Joseph Mathew (CFO)

High-energy, result-oriented Finance professional with over 12 years of supervisory, sales, and customer service experience with a proven ability to motivate employees to achieve optimum performance levels. Fast-track promoted at BEC on leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and astute relationship management skills, Renjith has designed and implemented employee development programs that reduced customer complaints and enhanced productivity ensuring effective after sales follow up and service.

Key strengths include:

Neena Arun (Service Coordinator)

Summary Of Qualifications Accomplishments